This site was built after doing the exercises in PG Exercises It was made by Andy Boot while at Recurse Center

Why did you create this?

While there are several websites similar to PG Exercises that allow you to interact with SQL interactivly none of them focus on the post sql-92 window functions. Most databases got these awesome powerful functions a long time ago and most of us don't use them

What technologies did you use?

Rust & Postgres.

The code is on github It is written in Rust and uses Actix (formally Rocket), Tera. I wrote it partially to learn Rust.

How can I learn about SQL window functions?

Links to learn about window functions:

Links to learn more about Postgres

Does my database support window functions?

Probably, the only major one that doesn't is MySQL (which is superseded by Maria DB which does).

Try it and see!