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Each cat would like to see the next heaviest cat's weight when grouped by breed. If there is no heavier cat print 'fattest cat'

Print a list of cats, their weights and either the next heaviest cat's weight or 'fattest cat'

Return: name, weight, breed, next_heaviest
Order by: weight

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Desired output:

name weight breed next_heaviest
Tigger 3.8 British Shorthair 4.8
Molly 4.2 Persian 4.5
Ashes 4.5 Persian 5
Charlie 4.8 British Shorthair 4.9
Smudge 4.9 British Shorthair fattest cat
Felix 5.0 Persian fattest cat
Puss 5.1 Maine Coon 5.4
Millie 5.4 Maine Coon 5.7
Alfie 5.5 Siamese 6.1
Misty 5.7 Maine Coon 6.1
Oscar 6.1 Siamese fattest cat
Smokey 6.1 Maine Coon fattest cat
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